The Republic of Buryatia today is a region with dynamically developing production potential and favorable investment climate, which makes it one of the most attractive areas of Russia.

In order to achieve the strategic development objective of our republic - improvement of the population quality of life, we strive to create a competitive economy, to develop and modernize production, transport and social infrastructure, form a large industrial and infrastructure facilities. We create a tourist-recreational special economic zone "Baikal haven", the regional zones of economic favor.

Buryatia has all prerequisites for the development of investment cooperation. It is a favorable transport and geographical position in relation to the internal and external markets, rich and well-studied mineral resources base, the huge tourist and recreational resources, strategic reserves of pure drinking water, high scientific, labor and cultural potential.

The Republic of Buryatia is open for new major projects in the economy and in the social sphere. We constantly work at creation of the most favorable and comfortable conditions for business development and attraction of potential investors.