The President's message to the people of the Republic of Buryatia Republic of Buryatia and the People's Khural of the Republic of Buryatia

Investment letter of the Head of the Republic of Buryatia - Prime Minister of the Republic of Buryatia V.V. Nagovitsyn "Investment climate in the Republic of Buryatia in 2013: Problems and Solutions"


In difficult conditions was working on the Epistle.

Events in Ukraine, Russia's accession to the WTO and the crisis in the world nestihayuschy destabilize the general global economic situation and introduce uncertainty in the long and medium term. But we can not wait until abate "global storm", so we set a new tense plans and will, uniting the whole of society, to strive for their implementation.
Today's message is based on the results that we achieved in 2013. Of course, we're having certain risks and for 2014 and 2015, but we can not sit back and give up. We continue to work under the approved program of socio-economic development of the Republic of Buryatia.
2013, despite all its problems and difficulties for the Republic of Buryatia was effective, both in terms of economic development and in improving the social well-being and quality of life of people. On major economic indicators of the Republic of Buryatia entered the top twenty regions of Russia.
The Government of the Republic, mainly coped with his task. Gross regional product in real terms grew by 3.6% while the average rate of 101.3%.
In manufacturing, an increase of 18.6%, in mining - 5.4% in residential construction - 12%, trade - 7%, power - 1.2%. 1.2 times increased foreign trade turnover, and this was the result of a significant increase in exports.
Real disposable incomes rose by 9.3%, while the average monthly salary in real terms - by 4.9%.
By the end of 2013 Buryatia took 7th place in Russia in terms of growth of real income of the population.
In 2013 was born more than 17 thousand children, this 179 children more than last year. By natural growth Republic occupies the 9th place in Russia.
Despite the generally positive changes in the economy, however, in some sectors of the economy in 2013, a decline of production, for the first time in the last few years there has been a slight increase in unemployment. The decline in world prices of natural resources has led to a reduction in the profitability of mining companies.

Tasks in the sphere of investment activity.

Dear deputies

Republic of Buryatia, together with our neighbors and the Far East subjects became part of the macro-region, which is referred to by the Government of Russian territory of priority development.
To create the necessary conditions for the development of the macro-region have laws about preferences for investors, developed and is discussing a draft law containing concrete benefits for the people of this macro-developed regulations on local areas of advanced development.
Due to rapidly developing events, the government of the Republic must adopt a specific plan for the implementation of these laws and to offer investors the best designs and the best in terms of the macro-region to implement them.
The republic has already created some initial conditions. Buryatia has implemented on its territory Regional investment standard. This is a key project of the Agency's strategic initiatives to create an enabling environment for business, including the 15 best investment practices. In the Republic approved the investment strategy of the Republic of Buryatia for the period up to 2020. Adopted by the Investment Declaration, which was included in the list of best practices implementation of Russian Standard.
As a best practice to other regions Recommend our practice of project managers and "Regional Development Fund."
In 2015, the Government of the Republic must identify a list of priority development zones, to develop and submit for approval by the laws of the provision of new regional and received federal benefits in light of the discussion of the laws.
Government needs to declare all-out "war" administrative barriers. Reduce the time to add new objects to the electric networks of up to 45 days. Reduce the period required for the issuance of building permits, subject to best practice from the country. Bring order to the procedures associated with the lease of land for investment projects. Make it more accessible to investors, energy, transport, communications and social infrastructure.
The Government will also need to extend the experience of working with investors on the principle of "one window" gained in Ulan-Ude, all municipalities.
Finally, we need to actively address the issue of attracting investment in the social sector and the construction of infrastructure projects through public-private partnership (PPP).
The country has all the necessary mechanisms for PPP: the law on PPPs established the Regional Investment Fund, is working with financial institutions of Russia.

Tasks in the field of mining
2013 in the field of mining marked increase in production volumes, increase investment and create new jobs. For the first time in the last 20 years in the projects of the industry began to receive large attachments. Thus, only in the construction company to test the uranium deposit at Khiagdinskoye investor in 2013 was sent to more than 5 billion. Rub. On the "home stretch" came out a project on the development of Ocean Kliuchevskoi brown coal field, which has produced 1 million. 650 th. Tons of coal. Held up exploration Holtosonskogo tungsten deposit. 12.5m. Tons of coal amounted to cut Tugnuisky after technical modernization.
In the development of the mining industry must adhere to the Government of the optimal combination of the requirements of the economy and the environment. Such a combination that the economy did not work to the detriment of the environment, and environmental regulations did not act to the detriment of the people living in the territory.
When developing fields must actively adopt new technologies to improve the management of natural resources, encourage and support projects in priority order with the most advanced processing of raw materials to the place of its production.
Each start of the project must undergo public hearings. People need to tell you what and what technologies you plan to do, as the owners will cooperate with local residents. This will allow in the future to avoid social tension. Public authorities must firmly defend the interests of the inhabitants of the Republic and to put their interests first.
The main objectives of the Government in the development of the mineral complex for 2015 are: continued implementation of investment projects of "Cut Tugnuisky", JSC "Khiagda" launch a pilot plant and the start of construction of processing plant based on the Lake deposit, and exploration and production on balance accountancy promising new fields, the solution infrastructure issues subsoil.

Tasks large industry and small business
Overall, despite a few cases of bankruptcies of enterprises, industry Buryatia on the rise, the index of industrial production on the basis of Buryatia in 2013 took 5th place in Russia. The highest growth rates were achieved in the manufacture of transport equipment - 130.2%, in the textile and clothing industry - 116.7%, in the wood processing and production of wood products - 105,3%. In 2013, shipped finished goods and services produced in the manufacturing sector of 138.6% compared to the previous year. Turnover of goods, services, small businesses increased by 3%.
Industrial enterprises increase productivity through the implementation of their investment projects. So, at Ulan-Ude aircraft plant, the first phase of the project technical upgrade machining production. "Naran" opened a new production line for the primary processing of wool. On LVRZ launched production line repair locomotives.
The country is in the public domain 20 measures of state. The total amount of support is over 880 million. Rubles, of which, on a competitive basis from the federal budget attracted more than 580 million. Rubles. This is the best result among the subjects of the Siberian Federal District. About 1,000 entrepreneurs were able to get state support.
State support of projects to create new industries and modernization of existing must become a priority for the Government of the Republic.
Government needs to accelerate the implementation of the project for the construction of the industrial park and the creation on its base a large textile mill producing dyed-wool yarn with a capacity of up to 1,000 tons per year with a complete production cycle, including the collection and processing of wool, linen manufacture, tailoring.
To promote the implementation of the new project, the government must introduce additional forms of state such as:
- State participation in the authorized capital of the business;
- Subsidizing the cost start-ups in the payment of taxes,
- Lending simple surety respected and influential people in the country with a view to publishing the results of the project or of the order completion.
The government needs to work out a system to attract resources for the country's banks lending to 3 million. Rubles for a period of 3 years after the Foundation for Support of Small and Medium Enterprises of the Republic of Buryatia. Maximum use of the potential of a property for collateral and a guaranteed projects.

Objectives for the development of innovation
Today almost everyone understands that another way of economic development, but to innovation, no. There is innovation - have prospects, no innovation - the territory will always be catching up, always in the background.Republic for a major shift in the field of innovation needed development of innovation infrastructure, innovation-minded staff and ready to accept innovation business - the structure.
If we talk about infrastructure, then in 2013 on the basis of the East-Siberian State University of Technology and Management established intercollegiate innovative business incubator. Built the first city in the country business incubator in Severobaykalsky area.
started up a project to create park "Biotehnopolis." This kind of Ulan-Ude Akademgorodok, where scientists will be able to work simultaneously, live and relax. Technopark should be a strong incentive for young people to study science. Currently, developed a business plan and project documentation. Already in the short term, the Government needs to begin construction of engineering infrastructure of Technopark as the main condition of its co-financing from the federal center.
get support and initiative of the Buryat engineers and scientists to create the aviation and pharmaceutical innovation clusters. Government of the Republic must finalize the concept and action plan for the creation of these clusters and to submit them to participate in the competition for federal co-financing of their creation.
Government, together with the universities need to make changes in the program and method of training engineers and scientists a new innovative type. Create economic incentives for retraining in the existing enterprises and promote their innovative development.
Development of agriculture
Investments in agriculture Buryatia in 2013 amounted to 2.5 billion rubles. Commissioned Pig "East Siberian" 70 thousand units, meat processing complex "Ulan-Ude meat plant" greenhouse complex "Sun Tugnuya" 1,1ga area. Agricultural producers have acquired machinery and equipment totaling more than 200 million. Rubles.
In the food processing industry opened new production, primary processing of livestock - in Mukhorshibir, Barguzinsky, Kyakhtinsky District, milk processing - in Mukhorshibirsky District, shop for the production of sausages - Zaigraevsky in the area, and shop for processing of wild plants in Khorinsky area.
The main objective of the Government in 2014-2015 - is the creation of large agricultural complexes. Only large industrial complexes will be able to operate successfully under WTO rules and to produce products that are competitive not only in Russia but also abroad. Today in the Republic developed 5 investment projects on construction of the complex, which will allow in 2014-2015 was to commission the dairy farms and feedlots in Dzhidinsky, Bichursk, Kaban, Kyakhtinsky and Zaigraevsky areas.

Government needs to be actively involved in the implementation of projects, both domestic and foreign investors, creating a comfortable environment for them.
The government should take consolidation by merging the existing farms and their integration with processors.
It is necessary to retain the support of farmers and the development of family livestock farms, to ensure the implementation subprogram "Sustainable development of rural areas." Support the need, first of all, those farmers who produce competitive products. These are such as chilled meat products, natural milk with a limited shelf life, commodity egg, potato elite, exclusive products not produced in Buryatia.
The Government of the Republic, together with the heads of districts must decide in 2015 the problem of land redistribution from inefficient to efficient owners and land users ensure the area under all investors willing to invest in the development of agriculture.

Forestry development
In 2013 there was a reduction of volumes of products shipped, due to the difficult situation on the Selenga the CCC. In addition, there was a reduction of investment income due to the shift timing of projects Forestinvest and timber yard.
The main objective for 2015 - to do an inventory of investment projects included in the priority list of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. Companies, get free wood are required to involve him in the economy in terms established by the agreement. Do investors failed wood should be removed and transferred to the established order new effective entrepreneurs.
The Government needs to support investors Baikal forest company in creating a plant to produce granular biofuels (pellets) and in the acquisition of the line to determine the quality and grade of lumber. We must solve the problem of domestic consumption of pellets as an alternative fuel.
It is necessary to take comprehensive and unprecedented measures for the development and state support Selenginsky the CCC. And make it a leader and brand, not a "headache" of the republic.

Development of tourism

In the framework of the federal target program for the development of domestic tourism in 2013 actively supporting infrastructure were built in Kabansky, Ivolginsky, Kyakhtinsky areas.
In 20 municipalities implemented for landscaping adjacent to the tourist sites display on popular tourist routes.
In the Law "On the Protection of Lake Baikal" changes that allowed to complete the construction of major infrastructure projects in the central ecological zone and enabled investors to begin construction of tourist facilities in the SEZ "Baikal harbor". At the construction site out residents' Siberia-Capital "," Baikal Invest "and" Interra ". In 2014, join them 2 companies.
For further development of special zones must finalize the project planning area of the section "Goryachinsk" as well as adjustment of the project area planning area "Sands".
Continue work on the site "Bull Mountain": in survey and design infrastructure.
In 2014, the need to expand work on the design of the engineering infrastructure in the area Goryachinsk, as well as infrastructure facilities ski area "Bull Mountain".
Complete the construction work on the lighthouse, shore facilities, leisure and education center in s.Turka, and complete construction of an important object of external infrastructure of special economic zone - 220 kV "Tataurovo-Goryachinsk-Barguzin."
An important task for 2015 will be the definition of resident for the remaining free sites TRZ "Baikal harbor" and agreement with JSC "SEZ" List of objects of engineering infrastructure in 2015-2020.
In 2014-2015, the Government of the work to be done on a 4-tourism cluster. On the cluster "Podlemorye" - provide construction transfer station and 110 kV overhead lines with transformer substations and s.Suhaya Enkhaluk. On the cluster "Kyahta" - construction of a boiler and heating systems, 110/10 kV substation and power supply networks. On the cluster "Baikal" - construction of water and power supply facilities. On the cluster "Tunkinskaya Valley" - the construction of intake structures and water supply networks.
The government needs to eliminate duplicate functions in coordination and construction of tourist facilities. Provide a mechanism for strict adherence to the stages of project implementation.

The development of transport and logistics sector

Currently in the Republic drafted creating customs and logistics complexes in Kyakhta. These projects are included in the master plan project avtoturistskogo cluster "Kyahta" implemented within the framework of the Federal Target Program "Development of domestic tourism in the Russian Federation (2011-2016 years).
The task of the Government for 2015 - to ensure these businesses engineering and transport infrastructure and to support the implementation of projects through the forms of state support.

Tasks in the field of social protection

During 2013 for the provision of social benefits was sent 3.6 billion. Rubles. Every fifth inhabitant of the republic receives certain preferential payments.
The main task of the government - it is a gradual shift from a categorical support - to address. The Republic had already made the first step - to form a complex system of targeted social support to large families.
We need to continue this work. Social workers should identify and help people that really need the support of the state, and not to distribute the budget money, based on the principle of people belonging to a particular category.
In the next 3 years is necessary to provide housing for all families with six or more children. Develop and adopt a law on support in the construction of housing for families with 3, 4 and 5th children with varying degrees of financial preferences. In addition, you must ensure that by 2018 land plots with infrastructure all families with children who want to build a house on the land.
In 2015 we will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. This holiday should be no ordinary event, but bright and unforgettable event, we should surround with care and support, both living veterans and widows of deceased veterans. Solve the remaining problems of living veterans.
Government of the Republic must intensify efforts to support people with disabilities. Ensure accessibility for people with limited mobility vital objects. To a new level necessary to bring the work to promote employment of people with disabilities. This task should be a priority, and work solo.
One of the priority development projects in the coming years should be a project for the construction of the modern boarding high level of comfort. The project should ensure the implementation of modern standards of social services, with the best international practices.
Acute problem - orphanhood. In 80% of these children's parents are alive and well. Social orphanhood - is the trend of today. Government needs to break it by introducing methods of early prevention of family trouble, and organizations working with deprived of parental rights to return the children to their families. It is urgent to start the mechanism of preparation of foster families by transferring these functions to outsourcing and the creation of a queue of those wishing to become foster parents.
Further development of the system of foster families, including training and support of foster families. Through these measures the Government needs to reverse the situation and begin to reduce stationary places in orphanages, and further reduction in orphanages themselves.
Extraordinary measures are necessary to ensure the children - orphans housing. Today's pace of housing construction not solve the challenges.


2013 was the decisive factor in the restructuring of the health care system of the Republic - 43 municipal agencies have moved into state ownership. The powers of the Ministry of Health joined the organization of medical care throughout the country.
Over 2013 thanks to the opening of the Republican primary and two vascular centers in the emergency hospital and Gusinoozersk 6% decreased mortality from circulatory diseases. Opening travmotsentra trauma center and three pritrassovyh allowed 6.4% to reduce the number of road deaths republic.
In June 2013 and began its work the Centre conformal radiotherapy.
In 2014-2015 before the Government of the Republic faces the challenge of improving the three-tier system of health care provision republic, the establishment of inter-district diagnostic consultative centers and hospital districts 7 for maximum approach of care to the patient.
Another challenge will be - the improvement of the system of independent assessment of the quality of medical facilities in close cooperation with civil society through established with the Ministry of Health of Buryatia Public Council.
Even today, there is an acute shortage qualified doctors, the number of those wishing to become a physician is also reduced. Therefore, an important part of the work - to increase the prestige of the medical profession and the development of their own medical school.
In 2015, the Government needs to ensure the construction of a perinatal center, 5th line Children's Republican Hospital and continue to work on the Oncology Center.


Among the trends of recent years can be safely noted revenue growth of educators. In relation to the 4th quarter of 2012 the average salary in the Republic of Buryatia in education increased by 36% and amounted to 26.1 thousand. Rubles.
Last year was a kind of turning point in the modernization of the system of preschool education. For the first time in the law it is displayed as a separate level of education approved standard of preschool education, which came into force in January this year. Now a lot of work on the transition to the standard definition of the structure and size of the norm of its funding.
As a result of 2013 preschool enrollment rate was 85%. 4751 created additional space, purchased 2 buildings, construction of 5 kindergartens, overhauled 55 objects. In 2015, the Government needs to provide coverage of pre-school places by 91.9%.
In 2014-2015 the Government needs to translate all education to work on the scheme of educational districts. Combining schools, institutions, culture, sports, preschool and secondary education will allow students to receive all educational services on the principle of "one window". Significantly increase the efficiency of the educational complex, there will be new opportunities and open up new prospects for the development of the educational process. Education of every child should be comprehensive. Each child must be of individual trajectories of development. Educational institution shall keep the child from kindergarten to his execution 17 years, filling a portion to him and after hours educational and developing his abilities disciplines.
Further development of the system and should receive primary and secondary vocational education. Today, a whole system of primary and secondary vocational education completed the process of optimization. Currently the system is represented by the 20th multilevel, multidisciplinary educational complex cluster type. In 2013 established Aviation College, which will conduct training for aviation plant. In the future, the Government will in 2018 to form a 12 multipurpose centers of applied qualifications as structural units of professional educational institutions.

Culture and Art

In recent years we have managed to do a lot for the development of the material base of the sphere of culture. We have significantly upgraded the base of the republican institutions. During 2010-2013, at the expense of funds allocated for the development of the social infrastructure of municipalities made major repairs and reconstruction of 201 cultural objects. Goes gradual increase of wages of workers. Here, the Government needs to pay attention to the fact that wage increases should be linked to the qualitative and substantive changes in the institutions as a whole and each employee individually.
You must attract the public to use the civic activity of the population in addressing the cultural life of the republic, to intensify work Public Council under the Ministry of Culture, in particular, to carry out an independent evaluation of the quality of service provision in this area.
In recent years, much has been done to reform the institutions of culture. However, there are still problems associated with the distribution of powers at the district and village. In this regard, considers it essential to carry out the transfer of authority in the sphere of culture at the district level. Experience has shown that it contributes to the formation of an effective system of intergovernmental fiscal relations, organization of work with mobile forms of service in rural areas.
I think the most important task in the Year of Culture promotion of creative projects of national cultural institutions in the village, including the holding of traveling exhibitions and so-called cultural assault, forming elaborate touring maps theater and concert facilities in rural areas.
It is necessary to consolidate all the parks and theater space for various art groups and open them to the summer cultural venues.
In anticipation of the anniversary of the Victory Government together with local authorities must arrange for the repair and improvement of burial and obelisks soldiers who died during the war, installation and replacement of plaques, to resolve the issue to determine the form of ownership of ownerless objects of cultural heritage.
In 2016, the city of Ulan-Ude celebrates 350 years. In this connection it is necessary to carry out work on an inventory of cultural heritage located in the historic quarter, preparation of documentation for complex reconstruction and restoration of monuments of history and culture, to identify targets for the reconstruction and restoration. Line up in accordance with applicable law relationship with the owners of monuments of history and architecture.

Physical Culture and Sport
Past Olympic Games showed how interesting sport to our citizens and how important his propaganda.
Within 5 years, starting in 2008, working in the Republic "yard instructors", today their number is already 209 units. In my opinion, it is very important to develop this has already become popular among children and adolescents Institute.
in the official list of candidates and members of the national teams of Russia in 2013 included 72 athletes from the Republic of Buryatia. On the basis of performances in the official Championship of the SFO, Russia, Europe and the World athletes won 353 medals in Buryatia. At the same time, among the few members of Buryatia athletes Olympic teams, ill put the work in winter sports. Government needs to pay close attention to support species such as short track, biathlon, cross country skiing.
Another component in promoting mass sport and a healthy lifestyle - the construction of sports facilities and the strengthening of material and technical base. Over 2013 commissioned the construction of 71, of whom 56 planar structures, 10 gyms, 2 swimming pools.
In 2014, it is necessary to complete the construction of new sports infrastructure facilities, including modern sports complexes in the regional centers of the Republic of Buryatia: Mr. Zakamensk , Gusinoozersk with. Kurumkan, gyms at secondary schools: in Sec. Malovsky, Baunt area; s.Tegda, Khorinsky District; n. Kichera, North Baikal region. We need to actively promote and project for the construction of the Ice Palace and indoor ice rinks. Further work with JSC "Russian racetracks" to complete the reconstruction of our racecourse.
The government needs to complete the formation of the three-tier system of training athletes superior craftsmanship.

Youth policy

in 2013 was developed and approved sub-program "Youth of Buryatia" in the framework of the State Program of the Republic of Buryatia "Development of Education, Science and Youth Policy."
The basic problem in the field of youth policy today is to provide housing for young families. Government of the Republic should be improved mechanism to solve the problem of housing a much larger number of young people. We must put into practice the integrated construction of housing estates with youth on their territory of necessary social facilities.
Go ahead introduce accumulative mechanisms to collect funds for housing. Provide an opportunity for young people to develop the square footage in his spare time studying and working. Support the construction of housing under the federal program "Housing for young families and young professionals." Develop and implement a variety of forms of mortgage lending.
National policy
An important theme in the Russian society in recent times was the discussion of issues of inter-ethnic relations.
In 2013, in Buryatia has adopted a number of regulations governing the relationship in the field of international relations, including the procedure for awarding grants for projects in the sphere of interethnic relations.
For the development of this work Government needs to adopt a state program in the area of national policy with the inclusion of measures for patriotic education, demonstration of cultural diversity, educational projects, as well as professional development of state and municipal employees. I consider it appropriate to adopt similar municipal programs created under the heads of municipalities Council for Civil Initiatives.
The government needs to step up work on patriotic education and tolerance in education. The education system and the media should educate a person a sense of pride to our state, to our country, to the place of residence, to the culture and traditions of the peoples, to protect the younger generation from all over propagating the ideas of nationalism. In this connection it is necessary to reconsider the emphasis in educational work with children and students, as well as build a new constructive relationship with the media.
Great public interest are issues of the Buryat language. Given a good push for the development of this work. Government needs in June approved the State Program on Buryat language on 2015-2020 years and provide its funding.

Public safety
following last year the republic among the ten most crime-regions of Russia. Still managed to reduce the number of registered especially grave crimes by 13.6% and the number of serious - by 3.6%. In addition, the number of robberies decreased by 15.7%, pickpocketing - 12.2%, cattle theft - by 19.6%, extortions - by 32.4%.
The government of the republic, the local authorities should pay particular attention to their work on:
- the prevention of the crimes committed in public places and in the streets
- the prevention of juvenile delinquency;
- the fight against so-called "drunken crime" and combating alcohol abuse population.
In April this year, the Federal Law "On the participation of citizens in the protection of public order "currently drafted republican law, general provisions which essentially correspond to the adoption of federal laws. Government needs to in the next year the law was implemented in everyday life.
In order to combat street crime in the country municipalities must continue active surveillance system for the implementation of public places citizens "Safe city" buttons and emergency communications "citizen-police."
In many areas of the country people are tied for first place cause of the growing crime problem of alcohol abuse populations. And this is confirmed by statistics, is growing so-called "drunk" crime. Introduction limiting the sale of alcoholic beverages in the evening and at night one of the necessary measures to combat alcoholism among the population, and as a consequence there are negative consequences. Unfortunately, in Ulan-Ude, almost all drinking establishments moved to work around the clock after the time limit alcohol sales in stores, and on village revived illegals and bootleggers. Law enforcement agencies, local governments need to actively involve the public in the fight against this evil.
The policeman, often working at the 5 - 6 settlements, unable to confront the problem alone. This is a common problem. Even today, the village dramatically differ in the extent of alcohol abuse population depending on the position of the heads of settlements and the availability of social organization in the village. Government needs to organize the planned work to create an atmosphere of intolerance through the TOS, heads of settlements and specially created for this community organizations.

Dear deputies
Executive and legislative bodies should be open in their work.

We must be constantly on the feedback from the public. No one better than people do not know what the problem in the first place you need to pay attention to what objects to build. Already 5 years, the Government of the Republic of residents working with orders received during the election campaigns of the Russian President and State Duma deputies. Residents of Buryatia given only in 2013. 676 mandates. Currently, 64% of orders are fulfilled.
It is very important to our work to attract TOS and just active population. Work with instructions to show the most effective way to work the Government, because he speaks the customer population. The government needs to consider and implement a mechanism of public participation or group of people whose initiative is to participate in the development of construction documents and acceptance. I think this will avoid enforcement authorities suspected the use of resources and quality of work performed.
Time flies, and the situation around us is changing rapidly. People want to really control your own life, not through their representatives. They want to be heard and to listen to them. They need direct contact with the Government. Do not ignore these changes can not be, the Government should actively "go to the people."
The government needs to work more closely with the expert community, to put into practice his "Crowdsourcing", maximizing the potential of the Internet. Need to complete the creation of public councils at each ministry, the ministers should participate more often in straight lines, open the page in social networks to answer questions and receive suggestions. Replace the final board meeting with his subordinate labor collectives and organizations.
Dear deputies,
Let me thank you for the constructive collaboration in 2013. Working together has allowed us to provide forward movement forward in the republic's economy and social sphere. Implementation of these plans in 2015 is only possible in close contact executive and the legislature. Any innovations and changes in the relationships in society are possible only on the basis of laws adopted by deputies.

We live in a very difficult and turbulent times. Stasis and stagnation in this situation is very dangerous for the country and for the country. We are not just going to achieve its objectives, but I hope that our joint hard work will allow us to maintain the momentum and to take another step towards improving the quality of life of our population.

Thank you for your attention.