As part of the implementation in the Republic of Buryatia Standard of executive authorities of the Russian Federation to ensure a favorable investment climate, the decision of the Government of the Republic of Buryatia of February 7, 2014 № 39 approved Investment Strategy of the Republic of Buryatia to 2020.

Strategy is the main governing document defining the principles of the investment policy in the Republic of Buryatia.

The aim of the Strategy is to create a favorable investment climate in the region to mobilize domestic investment resources and increase the flow of foreign investment to modernize the economy, increase its competitiveness and human capital development.

Objectives of the Strategy:

- formation of zones of advancing economic development of the republic in the priority areas of development, including the use of cluster-based approaches;

- increasing the availability of energy, transport, communications and social infrastructure;

- development of institutional conditions for investment and business activity, the reduction of administrative barriers, increasing transparency of the authorities;

- formation mechanisms for training and retraining of personnel in accordance with the needs of the economy.

For each task defined target indicators. Execution of tasks and achievement indicators will ensure the implementation of activities under the Strategy.

The largest investment projects implemented and planned for implementation of the Strategy, grouped in six main areas of development, some programs of socio-economic development of the Republic of Buryatia: the development of the mineral complex; development of tourist and recreational complex; development of agriculture; the development of the timber industry; development of innovative activities; development of human capital.

At the same time, in some priority areas are the prerequisites for the formation of clusters, which can achieve high rates of growth, expand cooperative ties, to give access to the latest breakthrough technologies, specialized services and highly qualified personnel. The priorities selected clusters whose development the region has the tools, authority and resources: travel, transportation and logistics, biopharmaceutical, aviation, building.

The strategy includes a description of the investment potential of the country, reflecting specific regional competitive advantages of Buryatia, who might be interested in the potential investor. The strategy defines the point of growth for each priority area, the prospects for the development of infrastructure for the implementation of investment projects and increase the availability of energy, transport, communications and social infrastructure, plans development institutions created and established in the country, plans to reduce administrative barriers for foreign investors.

During the development stage project investment strategy publicly discussed with representatives of universities and science, the business community, the Expert Group for testing and implementation of the Regional Investment standard and was refined on the basis of their comments and suggestions. Draft Investment Strategy received a positive assessment of the RA "Expert RA", the results of which was held strategic session to discuss the draft Strategy.

On the basis of the annual reports and ongoing monitoring of the Investment Strategy is intended to be an annual update, including adjustment of the Action Plan of the Strategy and targets.

The result of implementation of the investment strategy of the Republic of Buryatia is the creation of a favorable investment climate that will ensure by 2020 the growth of investment in fixed capital in real terms of 1.35 times the level of 2012 (up 106.9 billion. Rub.), Increased investment in fixed assets (excluding budget) per person to 86.7 thousand. rubles.