Republic of Buryatia has several advantages that may be of interest to investors. This and the factors existing in a natural way, such as natural-resource potential and geolocation, as well as the legal and institutional environment, which are formed in the country in order to assist in the organization and development of new business in the modernization of existing facilities.

Natural resource potential

The richness and diversity of the natural resource potential of the Republic is in the top ten Russian regions according to the rating of investment attractiveness of the regions "Expert RA" for the period 2011-2012. Land fund (35 million. Hectares) available in the country timber reserves (2.1 billion m3, 6.5 million m3 AAC) create conditions for the development of agricultural, timber processing industries. Significant fisheries resources with the possible volume of fish catch 5 th. Tons enable an organization to fish processing industries.

Mineral resource complex

Found in the republic 700 different genesis fields, among them - gold deposit, tungsten, uranium, polymetallic ores, aluminum, molybdenum and beryllium, fluorspar, lignite and coal, asbestos, jade, apatite, phosphorite, graphite and zeolites. And the majority of large and unique deposits are located within a radius of 200 km from the nearest railway line East Siberian line and BAM.

Tourism and recreation

The unique combination of diverse landscapes, ancient freshwater reservoir - Lake Baikal, the various sources of mineral and thermal waters, therapeutic mud deposits, scenic mountain ranges, the developed network of national parks and rich historical and cultural heritage of the region. All this gives you the opportunity to actively develop ecological, cultural, educational, ski, sports, hunting, adventure, health and fitness, rural, cruise, social tourism, as well as trailering. With this Buryatia ranks 14th in the Russian tourist potential in the rating of investment attractiveness of Russian regions agency "Expert RA" in 2011-2012.


Advantageous geopolitical location offers strong incentives to enter the international market, as it allows to consider the republic as "transport gate" of Russia in the Asia-Pacific region, which is a potential market and source of investment. On the territory of Buryatia runs 1,200 kilometers of the border with Mongolia, which has 5 checkpoints. Buryatia has an important strategic position in the transport system of Russia, through its territory is crossed by two federal highways - Transsib and BAM.

In 2013, in the Republic of Buryatia fully operational Regional investment standard, which provides a real opportunity to influence business decisions based power sales in the country effective peer communication platform, formed of representatives of the regional business and the business community.

Investment Strategy

In the Republic of Buryatia approved investment strategy for the period up to 2020, which is the main governing document defining the investment prospects of the development of the long term.

Investment declaration

For investors making investment declaration of the Republic of Buryatia, which establishes the basic principles and conditions for mutually beneficial cooperation with the Government of the Republic for the effective implementation and promotion of investment projects and initiatives in the territory of the Republic of Buryatia. 

Investment Council

To develop proposals, recommendations for increased investment, reduction of administrative barriers work at the Head of the Council of the Republic of Buryatia to improve the investment climate, which included the addition of national executive and the legislature representatives of the territorial bodies of federal agencies, in any way affecting the business environment, managers public organizations of different areas of business.

Regional Development Fund

Specialized non-profit organization to attract investment and Investor "Regional Development Fund of the Republic of Buryatia" operates in the format of "one window". Now, accompanied by the Fund are 14 investment projects worth about 21.7 billion rubles., Another 28 projects are in the development stage. Foundation is working to find investors and support projects, preparation of investment sites and the presentation of the investment potential of the republic in Russia and abroad.

Interactive Investment Map

Posted Interactive Investment Map of the Republic of Buryatia, showing information about the proposed investment projects, infrastructure, utilities, telecommunications, natural resources and tourism facilities.

Plan for the establishment of investment projects

For a more complete awareness of investors formed annually plan the creation of investment and infrastructure projects.

Public-Private Partnerships

The country adopted a law on PPP, a Regional Investment Fund, is working with financial institutions of Russia, with the largest commercial banks. In 2013, a new regional development institution - JSC "Corporation of the Republic of Belarus as a tool to raise funds for projects developed schemes planned for implementation of PPP projects.

Reduce the time and number of procedures to obtain a permit for the construction of

Work to reduce the limit on the number of procedures required to obtain a permit for the construction of the reference object of capital construction of non-production from 40 to 15 by 2015. The deadline for completion of all the procedures required to obtain a permit for the construction of the reference object of capital construction of non-production has been reduced from 350 to 130 days. Reduced by 160 days as possible the acquisition of rights to lease land owned by the state or municipal property, to build on the Prior approval of the location of the object. The total period of registration of rights to immovable property and transactions with it reduced from 15 to 5 days, the period of registration of the mortgage, land, buildings, installations and non-residential premises has been reduced from 15 to 7 days, the registration of the property rights of small and medium business is 10 days.

Regulatory Impact Assessment

In 2013 legislated in the Republic Institute for Regulatory Impact Assessment of draft normative legal acts of the Government of the Republic of Buryatia on matters affecting the interests of businesses and investors. Since 2014 the work of this institution regulated. This will allow the development stage to assess the PPA with the involvement of the business community risks and the impact of certain documents on the business environment and take an appropriate decision.

Investor support

1 investors, entrepreneurs are given the opportunity in the "single window" to entrust the organization of business and the settlement of all matters related to the launch and implementation of the investment (business projects), a specialized organization.

2 Republic provides investors the opportunity to select an investment platform for the proposed project and prepare the infrastructure for these sites.

3 to provide financial support and property investors. Investors that have entered into an investment agreement with the government can rely on the provision of government guarantees compensation of interest rates on loans, zero property tax for 5 years and a reduced rate of income tax for 6 years, as well as to receive the investment tax credit, the Republican estate for rent concessional and collateral for loans, as well as low cost investment.

4 Significant support is medium and small businesses.

5 Implemented training for business and future investment projects

6 Effective channel direct connection with the management of the investor's country.