Placement of investment objects and infrastructure is carried out by 6 dedicated investment zones in the republic. In each zone is given a list of realized and planned investment projects and objects of transport, energy and social infrastructure that will be built for the operation of investment projects and creation of favorable living conditions for the population. The plan clearly shows the republic's participation in the creation of favorable conditions for the implementation of commercial projects.

Eastern investment zone includes 4 eastern municipal districts of the republic, East Sayan investment zone - 2 municipal districts of the republic, North investment zone - 4 northern municipal districts of the republic, Central investment zone - 5 municipal districts of the republic and the city of Ulan-Ude, South Investment Zone - 6 municipal districts of the republic and the Special economic zone of tourist-recreational type "Baikal haven".

In 2013, in the Republic of Buryatia is planned to implement 62 investment projects with total cost of 346.56 billion rubles (including 22.1 billion rubles in 2013). Annual contribution to the GRP from implementation of these projects amounts to 33.6 billion rubles, will be created 19,284 new jobs, annual tax revenue amount to 11.8 billion rubles. For the implementation of the above projects will be built 137 infrastructure, including 60 transport facilities and 46 social facilities and public infrastructure (total funding amounts to 13.83 billion rubles in 2013).

In visual form the Plan can be found on the Interactive Investment Map of the Republic of Buryatia