Agro-industrial complex of the Republic of Buryatia is a priority direction of development of the regional economy. It produces more than 10% of the gross regional product and plays a key role in the survivability of the population of the Republic

Development strategy of the agro-industrial complex of the Republic is aimed at the creation of large agricultural holdings, which gives the opportunity completely to provide of the organic and competitive at cost foods the inhabitants of the Republic, the neighboring regions and annually increasing flow of tourists.

The main direction of development of agro-industrial complex is a beef and dairy cattle breeding. Fresh clean air, ecologically clean natural pastures and the use of natural fodder promote the production of quality food.

For the implementation of investment projects the Fund for Regional Development of the Republic of Buryatia has already picked up and formed agricultural lands with total area more than 32 000 ha, for it are carried out the cadastral works and is signed a long-term lease agreement for the subsequent assignment to the investor. It is carried out the activities for provision of investment sites the infrastructure facilities - carried out the construction of transmission lines and highways.

Today, the Republic of Buryatia is interested in partners who can organize the production and processing of unique ecologically clean agricultural products with high consumer qualities.