Investment site the Agricultural park „Ilkinskiy“ in the territory of the rural village Ilkinskoye of the Zaigraevskiy district.

Total project cost 5.1 billion rubles.

Objects of the agricultural park „Ilkinskiy“

  1. Poultry farm-36,7 hectares
  2. Commercial dairy farm-13,6 hectares
  3. Vegetable store-9,8 hectares
  4. Greenhouse facility-18,4 hectares
  5. Goat farm-7 hectares
  6. Vegetable processing shop-2,9 hectares
  7. Biogas station with disposal facilities, boiler station, electricalsub-station-12 hectares
  8. Water intake facilities-6,3 hectares
  9. Farm machinery production and service integrated plant with trading facility and trading pavilions-10,08 hectares