General information

  • Initiator of the project: Fund for Regional Development of the Republic of Buryatia
  • Сontact person: Vladimir Boldorov
  • Telephone/Fax: +7 301 2 21-11-49, +7 301 2 21-11-50, +7 301 2 21-11-51 
  • E-mail:

Passport of investment site

Designing and construction of fattening complex for 800 cattle units in the village settlement "Ichetuyskoe"

1. General information

Type of the site (short description)-Fattening complex for 800 cattle units in the village settlement "Ichetuyskoe"

Cadastral number (in the presence of cadastral number a copy of the cadastral passport is accompanied). In the absence of cadastral number indicates the cost of cadastral works in respect of the land, designed according with the Calculation methodology the cost of cadastral works in respect of lands for investment sites, approved by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Buryatia of 08.10.2010 N 438-the cost of cadastral works in respect of the land with an area of 1605 ha = 80250 rubles

 Name, address of the owner (the initiator of the project)-Municipal formation administration "Dzhidinskiy District" , Petropavlovka village, Tereshkova street, 8

Ownership form of land and buildings (ownership, lease, other) -Land - state and municipal property

Сontact person-Tabinaeva Marina Semenovna

Post-Deputy Head of the Municipal Formation "Dzhidinskiy District" for Economy

Telephone-(30134) 41681

Fax-(30134) 41718

Availability of business plan-available

Availability of techno-economic justification-not available

2. Basic details of the project (projects)

Basic details of the project (projects) (goal, short description, product characteristic, lead time, cooperation conditions with perspective investors):

- Ensuring sustainable growth in beef production in the territory of the Dzhidinskiy District of the Republic of Buryatia at the cost of increasing liveweight gain of farm animals in a short period of time;

- Annual provision of meat processing factories of the Republic of Buryatia the high quality raw materials at affordable prices in the amount of not less than 110 tons of cattle meat in carcass weight;

- Increase the budgetary efficiency of the district;

Construction characteristics: Capital construction of feed yard with 800 cattle units, the creation of infrastructure subsidiaries in the form of subsidiary of crop production.

Marketing (market characteristics, current and anticipated prices, the competitiveness of products):

In the context of sales policy takes into account the main objective: the choice of the optimal distribution channel for meat production taking into account the projected sales. There are potential production distribution channels: Petropavlovskiy meat-processing plant, organization of corporate chain, organization of agency network that will provide the product supplies to the existing retailers and sales organization through the use of independent resellers. 

Enterprise capacity (the planned volume production, the technology, the expected technical and economic indicators):

The project cost 36.5 million rubles, including.:

- The construction of feed yard (a series of 16 sites (card), unified system of water supply with water heating, access roads network (2 passages), for the transport and distribution of fodder) - 10.6 million rubles.

- Purchase of agricultural equipment - 25.9 million rubles.

Purchase of main agricultural machines:

- Seeding harvesting complex

- Tractor MTZ 1221- 8 units.

- Complex of machines for haylage praparation

- Feeding machine - 2 units.

Annual proceeds from sales of products not less than 20 milion rubles per year.

Budgetary effect – not less than 100 thousand rubles annualy.

Net present value (NPV) – 12,6 million rubles

 Discounted payback period (DPP) – 4,4 years

Internal rate of return (IRR) – 27,3 %

Rate of return of the discounted expenses (PI) by 1,39 times

Creation of 14 jobs.


3. Location of the site

Address of the site (description)

Village settlement "Ichetuyskoe" in the south of the inhabited locality Verhniy Ichetuy village distance 1,5km

Location in the territory of going concern (Yes / No, If "yes", then the name of the concern)


Within the inhabited locality(the inhabited locality name)


The distance to a highway, km


The distance to a railway station, km


The distance to an airport, km


Nearest industrial facilities (industrial, agricultural and other) and distance to the facilities (km)

APC "Dorji Banzarov", 1.5

The distance to the nearest residential area, km



Area, ha

Under the building structure area of 5 ha, fodder base - 1600ga

Land category(type of permitted use)

 Agricultural lands

Possibility of extension


Fence availability(yes, no)

not available

Relief (smooth terrain, sloping,terraced, benched)


Soil type

chestnut, podzolic, sandy

Ground water level, m


Frost line, m


The possibility of flooding during the floods





Units of measure


Distance from the source area, m

The possibility of expansion (the maximum value)

The possibility of periodic shutdown

 Water supply


cub. m/year





Electric energy



HV line

0,4 - 10





not available







not available

cub. m/year






not available

cub. m/year






not available






Effluent facility

not available

cub. m/year





Compressed air

not available

cub. m/month





6. Communication on the site

Highways(type, topping, length etc.)


Railway(type, length etc.)


Networks telecommunications (telephone, internet and other)

Mobile telecommunications

7. Buildings and facilities on the site

Object name

Area, sq. m.

Number of storeys

ceiling height, m

Type of construction, walling material

 Stage of completion, (% or otherwise)

Year of construction and evaluation of the current state

How is it used currently, (% or otherwise)

feeding house




Stone flooding





8. Labor recources

Population in the nearest inhabited localities:

1146 people

9. Assignment terms of the site

Lease terms or sales terms (approximate cost): lease

10. Explanatory note to the passport of investment site

The project envisages the creation of fattening complex for 800 cattle units, volume of meat realization 110 tons in carcass weight per year.

The project cost 36.5 million rubles.

 The result of the project realization are: annual provision of meat processing factories of the Republic of Buryatia the high quality raw materials at affordable prices in the amount of not less than 110 tons of cattle meat in live weight; creation of 14 jobs.

Agricultural land from the lands of agricultural use;

Form of ownership – state and municipal;

Using currently – yes;

Location: the site is located to the south of the inhabited locality Verhniy Ichetuy village, distance 1,5km.

Characteristics: level ground, access roads network, soil road, power lines, well.