Consruction of fattening complex for 1000 cattle units in the New Brjan village

General information

  • Initiator of the project: Fund for Regional Development of the Republic of Buryatia
  • Сontact person: Vladimir Boldorov
  • Telephone/Fax: +7 301 2 21-11-49, +7 301 2 21-11-50, +7 301 2 21-11-51 
  • E-mail:

Basic details of the project 

Necessary investments

350 million rubles

Area, ha

2500 ha

Land category

Agricultural lands

Possibility of extension


Fence availability

not available



Soil type

Sandy loam soil medium quality.

Ground water level, m

 about  15 meters

Frost line, m

about  3 meters

The possibility of flooding during the floods


Electric energy

 HV line 10 kW at 6 m


Asphalt/Soil road


15 km in the urban-type settlement Zaigraevo

Networks, Telecommunications

mobile communications

Type of the site

 Agricultural site

Location in the territory of going concern


The distance to a highway, km

To the regional road Ulan-Ude - Zaigraevo - Kizhinga - Khorinsk - 15 km

The distance to a railway station, km

15 km

The distance to an airport, km

65 km

The distance to the nearest residential area, km

2 km

Labor recources

the New Brjan village-4431 people