Stock breeding complex for fattening and breeding beef cattle for 2,000 animal units in Tsolga village

General information

  • Initiator of the project: Fund for Regional Development of the Republic of Buryatia
  • Сontact person: Vladimir Boldorov
  • Telephone/Fax: +7 301 2 21-11-49, +7 301 2 21-11-50, +7 301 2 21-11-51 
  • E-mail:

Passport of investment site "Agricultural site in Mukhorshibirskiy district", Tsolga village

1. General information

Type of the site (short description): Agriculturalsite   (arableland)

Cadastral number (in the presence of cadastral number a copy of the cadastral passport is accompanied). In the absence of cadastral number indicates the cost of cadastral works in respect of the land, designed according with the Calculation methodology the cost of cadastral works in respect of lands for investment sites, approved by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Buryatia of 08.10.2010 N 438: 03: 14: 000000: 3578;

03: 14: 000000: 3579.

Name, address of the owner (the initiator of the project): RR RB Fund

Ownership form of land and buildings (ownership, lease, other): lease

Post: Project manager in the agroindustrial complex

Telephone: (3012) 45-50-46


2.Basic details of the project (projects)

Basic details of the project (projects) (goal, short description, product characteristic,lead time, cooperation conditions with perspective investors):

Stock breeding complex for fattening and breeding beef cattle for 2,000 animal units.

Marketing (market characteristics, current and anticipated prices, the competitiveness of products):

Enterprise capacity (the planned volume production, the technology, the expected technical and economic indicators):

Providing an enterprise with resources (the volume of natural, water, energy and other resources, the sources of their receipt.):

Environmental characteristics of the enterprise (the anticipated volume of emissions and effluents, their composition etc.)

Financing of the project (projects) (amounts and sources of investment, investment efficiency):

3. Location of the site

Address of the site (description): the Republic of Buryatia, Mukhorshibirskiy district, Tsolga village

Location in the territory of going concern (Yes / No, If "yes", then the name of the concern): no

Within the inhabited locality(the inhabited locality name): no

The distance to a highway, km: 45

The distance to a railway station, km: 74

The distance to an airport, km: 125

Nearest industrial facilities (industrial, agricultural and other) and distance tothefacilities (km):  

The distance to the nearest residential area, km: 2,4

4. Characteristics of the site

Area, ha: 3072

Land category(type of permitted use): Agricultural lands (for agricultural use)

Possibility of extension: not available

Fenceavailability(yes, no): not available

Relief(smooth terrain, sloping,terraced, benched): sloping

Soiltype: -

Groundwaterlevel, m: -

Frostline, m: 3

The possibility of flooding during the floods: no

6. Communication on the site

Highways(type, topping, length etc.): soil

Railway (type, length etc.): no

Networkstelecommunications (telephone, internetandother): no

8. Labor recources

Population in thenearestinhabitedlocalities:

Village settlement "Tsolginskoe" – 2005 people

9. Assignment terms of the site

Lease termsorsalesterms(approximate cost):

Transfer under the assignment agreement(assignment of lease rights)