• Initiator of the project: Fund for Regional Development of the Republic of Buryatia
  • Telephone/Fax: +7 301 2 21-11-49, +7 301 2 21-11-50, +7 301 2 21-11-51 
  • E-mail: info@frr-rb.ru

1. General information

Type of the site (short description): For the construction of the production and logistics center

Cadastral number (a copy of the cadastral passport is accompanied).:03:18:000000:12722, 03:18:000000:12717

The name of the municipal formation, where the site is located:MF MS "Zagustayskoe"

Ownership form of land and buildings (ownership, lease, other) :State ownership before delimitation

Availability of business plan: not available

Availability of techno-economic justification: available

2. Basic details of the project

Basic details of the project (projects) (goal, short description, product characteristic, lead time, cooperation conditions with perspective investors)::For the construction of the objects of production and logistic purposes (for the production of petroleum products on the basis of processing of solid hydrocarbons, logistics center, gas station, etc.).

Providing an enterprise with resources (the volume of natural, water, energy and other resources, the sources of their receipt)::Electric energy - electrical substation in Tohoi village, heat energy – no, water and canalization – no.

3. Location of the sites

Address of the site (description) :RB, Selenginskiy district, Tohoi village, Tsydenova street, the site №26

Location in the territory of going concern (Yes / No, If "yes", then the name of the concern):no

Within the inhabited locality(the inhabited locality name):Land within Tohoi village

The distance to a highway, km:2,8

The distance to a railway station, km:1,0

The distance to an airport, km:90

Nearest industrial facilities (industrial, agricultural and other) and distance to the facilities (m or km):On the west side borders with the lands of asphalt plant, tank farm

The distance to the nearest residential area (m):50

4. Characteristics of the site

Area, ha:30,7

Land category (type of permitted use):Land №1 - land category: lands of inhabited localities, permitted use:

for the construction of the objects of production and logistic purposes; land №2-land category: agricultural lands, permitted use: for agricultural production

Possibility of extension: available

Fence availability (yes, no): not available

Relief (smooth, sloping, terraced, benched): smooth

Soil type, seismicity:Argillites, sandstones, clastic-argillaceous deposits, clay loams; seismicity of 8 points

Ground water level, m:from 2 m, to carry out further investigations

Frost line, m: 3,7

The possibility of flooding during the floods: no

5. Infrastructure 

 (In the absence of an infrastructure facility on the site, specify the distance from the source area)



Units of measure


Distance from the source area, m

The possibility of expansion (the maximum value)

The possibility of periodic shutdown



cub. m/year


To envisage well drilling







1 km












cub. m/year







cub. m/year












Effluent facility


cub. m/year







cub. m/month





6. Communication on the site

Highways (type, topping, length etc.)

asphalt roads

Railway (type, length etc.)

Available of the railway Ulan-Ude-Naushki

Networks telecommunications (telephone, internet and other)

JSC «Rostelecom»

7. Labor recources

(The population of the nearest inhabited localities)

Inhabited locality



MF MS "Zagustayskoe"

2 km from the Tohoi center






8. Assignment terms of the site (Lease terms or sales terms (approximate cost))

Cadastral value the site №1 - 19 787 028.96 rub., the site №2 - 400 000.00 rub.

Lease assignment is possible.

9. Explanatory note to the passport of investment site:

Investment site is intended for the project realization of the construction of production and logistics complex including the creation of production for assembling production of automotive engineering, sophisticated household appliances (perhaps the opening of any production in the investor's discretion), the creation of a logistics center, including warehouse complex, Truck parking, transfer platform, railway branch, office buildings in order to organize transportation of products. The project provides for reloading of goods for further shipment by rail.