Construction of the plant for the production of bricks

Information about the investment project

Name of the project

Construction of a brick factory in Orongoi village based on the Arymbulakskoe deposit of brick clays

Description of the project

Goal of the project

production and realization of facing ceramic brick and other types of roofing ceramic

Basic characteristics of the project:

production capacity,

types of products,

the expected production volumes

The project allow to produce 30 million pieces of ceramic bricks, with a view to increasing the capacity to 60 million pieces per year

Name of product - ceramic brick.

Total sales amount – 420 million rubles per year.

Competitive advantages:

low transport costs;

extensive infrastructure;

low rent of land.

Availability of raw material, labor and other resources (raw material resources - 4 million cub. meters for the production of 1.6 billion pieces of bricks;

labor resources – villagers of Ivolginskiy district).

Period of attainment of projected capacity - in the second year after the construction start.

Short description of the process of production

Production of ceramic brick by plastic molding.

Description of the consumer market (domestic market, supply of export products)

Construction sites of Ulan-Ude and districts of the Republic of Buryatia, builders of Mongolia are ready for consuming of a large amount of bricks.

Degree of readiness and examination of the project at the present time

Worked out the business plan, summary budget calculation, carried out market research AU RB "IMC ST", developed a project for construction of a plant with working drawings, signed a preliminary contract with China for the supply of complete production lines for the production of bricks. Explored the deposit and confirmed reserves of raw materials, executed in the ownership of the enterprise the lands on the deposit, executed a land for the construction of the plant.

Planned types of support agencies and their volumes

Tax concessions, reimbursement of expenses for certain stages of development of the project.

The total cost of the project

765 million rub.

Financial evaluation of the project

Own invests of the Russian participants

20,0 million rub..

Borrowed funds

745,0 million rub.

Investment scheme

credit resources

The main types of the project costs

The construction of the main plant building, the purchase of a technological line for the production of brick of 100% complete

The calculation period of the investment phase of the project

5 years

Payback period

4,68 years

Further information about the project

Term return on investment

 From the 1st month of the beginning production.

Availability of business plan or pre-feasibility studies

Worked out the business plan, summary budget calculation,

Net present value (NPV)– 48,7 million rub.,

Internal rate of return (IRR) – 13 %


Location plan of a subsurface site and a site for plant construction

 Схема расположения участка недр и строительной площадки

General view and location of objects


Генеральный план кирпичный завод