Auto-tourist cluster "Baikalskiy"

General information

  • Initiator of the project: Fund for Regional Development of the Republic of Buryatia
  • Сontact person: Andrey Torgashin
  • Telephone/Fax: +7 301 2 21-11-49, +7 301 2 21-11-50, +7 301 2 21-11-51 
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Total amount of investments

2182 million rubles

Including: public investments in facilities of engineering and transport infrastructure

751,6 million rubles

Private investment in tourism facilities

1 430,4 million rubles

Total area of free sites

206 ha


ATC "Baikalskiy" is located in the Ivolginskiy district, which is one of the most attractive districts for tourists in the Republic of Buryatia and has a common border with the capital of the region - Ulan-Ude city.
To create a cluster is defined an area of 291 hectares, 3 km south of Ulan-Ude city, at the traffic interchange of two federal highways A-165 "Ulan-Ude - Kyakhta" and M-55 "Irkutsk - Chita." Accommodation of ATC near the federal highways A-165 and M-55, the presence in the district of the center of Buddhism in Russia-Ivolginskiy temple- with the phenomenon of the incorruptible body of Pandita Hambo Lama Itigelov, proximity to the capital contributes to a sustainable recreational demand of autotourists for the various types of leisure and tourism.

Enlarged investment project of the creation of the ATC provides for the construction due to extrabudgetary sources of tourist infrastructure, including: hotels, yurt complexes, cafes and restaurants, retail and entertainment facilities, sports and recreation facilities, a winter garden, a water park, service stations, parking, gas stations and a complex of temporary storage warehouses.

Development of the ATC will provide an increase of the total capacity of place of accommodation up to 1,165 beds and will increase the tourist flow up to 400 thousand tourists a year. For investors are encouraged to implement projects for the construction of hotel, entertainment, sports, recreational facilities, logistics complexes and housing on free sites with total area of 206 hectares.


The main purpose of the ATC "Baikalskiy" is: 

Creation of tourism infrastructure

Creation service infrastructure

 Expanding the range and quality of services rendered to tourists


In the proposal of the high season:

In the proposal of pre-season offers: 

sport tourism 

business tourism 

adventure tourism 

 cultural tourism 

automobile tourism 

religious tourism


event tourism


active tourism



Location of the sites

Address of the site (description)


9 km from the city center, 2 km to the south of the city limits, at the traffic interchange of two federal highways A-165 "Ulan-Ude - Kyakhta" and M-55 "Baikal" (Irkutsk - Chita)

Within the inhabited locality (the inhabited locality name)

Lands included in the master plan of the municipal formation "Nizhneivolginskoe"


The distance to a highway, km

immediately adjacent to the intersection of federal roads A-165 and M-55


The distance to a railway station, km

"Ulan-Ude station" of the Trans-Siberian Railway Moscow -Vladivostok - 11 km,
"Sayantuy station" of the highway Ulan-Ude - Naushki 6.5 km.

The distance to an airport, km

Airport of Ulan-Ude city - 3 km


Nearest industrial facilities (industrial, agricultural and other) and distance to the facilities (m or km)

Airport "Baikal" - 3 km

The distance to the nearest residential area (m or km)

2 km from Nizhnyaya Ivolga village


Characteristics of the site

Area, ha


Land category (type of permitted use)

settlement lands

Possibility of extension


Fence availability

not available

Relief (smooth, sloping, terraced, benched)

The relief is calm, treeless, with the overall emphasis on the north-east, towards the river.

Soil type, seismicity

Sandy soil of medium size, slightly wet, medium density, underlain by gravelly sands or gravelly soils.

The site is characterized by high seismicity, it refers to the area of 8-point earthquake grade.

Ground water level, m

Ground water level at the site of works varied from 2.40 m to 5.90 m

Frost line, m


The possibility of flooding during the floods






Units of measure


Distance from the source area, m

The possibility of expansion (the maximum value)

The possibility of periodic shutdown



cub. m/year

total water extraction

by ATC

1000 m3/day


3800 from the water intake







General by ATC

6,3 MW

TS 10 / 0.4 kV at the border of the site






General by ATC

16 MW

at the border of the site





cub. m

Estimated flow by ATC

650 m3/day

self-flowing and pressure sewers at the border of the site



Effluent  facility


cub. m

Capacity of facilities

1000 m3/day





Communication on the site

Networks telecommunications (telephone, internet and other)

the project provides for the installation of expandable mini-ATC digital PBX systems with up to 500 numbers


Labor recources

Inhabited locality

Distance, km


Nizhnyaya Ivolga village;

Nurselenie village;

Suzha village;

Suzha village quarter North;

Hoyto-Bay village;

Hubiskhal village;








6184 (resident population)


Location plan of the land


Passport of investment site