General information

  • Initiator of the project: Fund for Regional Development of the Republic of Buryatia
  • Сontact person: Andrey Torgashin
  • Telephone/Fax: +7 301 2 21-11-49, +7 301 2 21-11-50, +7 301 2 21-11-51 
  • E-mail:

Total area - 333.49 ha

According to planning project on the site "Peski" is provided the development of the following key projects: the construction of accommodation facilities, which will be arranged in two zones.

In the central part will be located yurt village - hotel complex in national style (150 rooms) (1). On the western side of the site will be built the hotels of 3 * -4 * category (300 rooms) (2). On the site will be provided an opportunity to accommodate tourists at the camp, made in national style (60 persons) (3). For medical and health recreation is provided bathing and recreation complex (4). Part of the surrounding area allotted to the zone of quiet rest (5), (nearby are a house and the path of meditation (6). For sports will be highlighted playgrounds and park "Adrenalin" (7). Healthy walking and walking could be tackled in the southern part, where it will be located terrekur with viewing platforms and rope hoist (8). For entertainment is planned to equip the central part in the yurt village, where will be located the scene, souvenir shops, restaurant (9). Also will be created an amusement park with a platform to launch the balloons (10). Around the amusement park area will be created a house of gardens: the garden in the European, Japanese, Chinese style, garden of endemic plants of Lake Baikal, stone garden, light garden (11). Provided the arrangement of beach and beach promenade (12).



Information about the residents:

ZAO "Golden Sands Baikal", SEZ resident certificate obtained in 2009. In accordance with the Agreement on the implementation of tourism and recreation activities in the territory of the special economic zone established in the Baikal region of the Republic of Buryatia (hereinafter - Agreement), the company should build and put into operation a recreational and tourist complex.

The size of the land transmitted to a resident - 66.1214 hectares.