Sports and fitness complex on the lake Baikal in the area Enkhaluk

General information

  • Initiator of the project: Fund for Regional Development of the Republic of Buryatia
  • Сontact person: Andrey Torgashin
  • Telephone/Fax: +7 301 2 21-11-49, +7 301 2 21-11-50, +7 301 2 21-11-51 
  • E-mail:

Basic details of the project:

Organization of tourist, sports and fitness complex on the lakeBaikal in the area Enkhaluk in the Kabanskiy district of the Republic of Buryatia between New Enkhaluk and Old Enkhaluk, near existing traditional area of public recreation

 Tourist offer: 

Sport tourism

Business tourism

Beach and boating tourism

Family and recreational tourism 

The complex allows to accommodate simultaneously up to 300 people (not including day visitors) and provide a list of all the tourist entertainment, which can be organized in the area. 

The complex is created in the vicinity of the lands created in accordance with the Federal Target Program tourism and recreation cluster "Podlemorye."


The complex includes: 

Hotel with 80 rooms, 3 6-seater VIP - cottage, 3 8-seater cottage, 32-bed motel and 5 4-bed camping - total up to 250 seats 

Complex parking for 100 cars 

Restaurant with 300 seats, cafe, bistro 

Conference hall with 100 seats 

Concert venue, cinema-bar; billiard 

Children's playground, skate rolledrom, recreation area

Water-sports center (gym, water park, fitness center, sauna, massage center, mini football and volleyball grounds, tennis courts, sports equipment hire center) 

Sauna, barbecue, campfire, "ritual" site


Спортивно-оздоровительный комплекс на озере Байкал в местности Энхалук


 The main indicators of the project in Enkhaluk 


Capacity of the facility

The area of building

4 000 m2

Floor area

6 200 m2

Building volume

22 000 m3

Maximum tourist flow (at 100%)

90 thousand people / day per year

The occupancy rate of the winter season 

40% (22,05 thousand people / day)

The occupancy rate of the summer season 

85% (19,55 thousand people / day)

The estimated cost of the project

251,2 million rubles (7,65 million USD)

Construction period 

9 months

The payback period of the project

84 months

Time period of full capacity production

12 months


17,9 million rubles

Number of created jobs

60 units


Summary land with an area of 4,5ha


Спортивно-оздоровительный комплекс на озере Байкал в местности Энхалук