Сonstruction of a tourist complex in the territory of ATС "Baikalskiy"

Passport of investment site

1. General details of the project


Type of the site (short description)

Motorway service

Cadastral number (in the presence of cadastral number a copy of the cadastral passport is accompanied). In the absence of cadastral number indicates the cost of cadastral works in respect of the land, designed according with the Calculation methodology the cost of cadastral works in respect of lands for investment sites, approved by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Buryatia of 08.10.2010 N 438


Name, address of the owner

Municipal formation administration "Ivolginskiy district"

Ownership form of land and buildings (ownership, lease, other)      

Municipal non-delineated ownership

Сontact person        

Dashamolonov Sergey Vladimirovich


Departmental manager of Economy and Investment


8 (30140) 41 251


8 (30140) 41 251





Availability of business plan

not available

Availability of techno-economic justification

not available

2. Basic details of the project (projects)


The project provides for the construction of a tourist complex in an area of 11.8 hectares.

Project goal – the provision of accommodation services, food and entertainment software

Short description - the construction of hotels, cafes and entertainment complex.

 Lead time  – 2015-2016

It is provided the comfortable stay for guests of the republic in the territory of ATС "Baikalskiy"

Competitors are not currently available.

Enterprise capacity (the planned volume production, the technology, the expected technical and economic indicators): 100 beds

Providing an enterprise with resources (the volume of natural, water, energy and other resources, the sources of their receipt): today is carried out the construction of supporting infrastructure

Financing of the project (projects) (amounts and sources of investment, investment efficiency): - 108.0 million rubles (estimated cost)


The facility will be located in close proximity to Ulan-Ude city, two federal highways and the international airport. At 23 km there is the center of Buddhism in Russia- Ivolginskiy temple.

3. Location of the site


Address of the site (description)        

Republic of Buryatia, Nizhnyaya Ivolga village

Location in the territory of going concern (Yes / No, If "yes", then the name of the concern)



Within the inhabited locality (the inhabited locality name)

Nizhnyaya Ivolga village

The distance to a highway, km

0.2 km federal road A-340 Ulan-Ude - Kyakhta

The distance to a railway station, km

40 km. railway station in Ulan-Ude

The distance to an airport, km

10 km Airport "Baikal"

Nearest industrial facilities (industrial, agricultural and other) and distance to the facilities (km)

20 km

The distance to the nearest residential area, km

0,2 km. Nizhnyaya Ivolga village

4. Characteristics of the site


Area, ha

11,8 ha

Land category (type of permitted use)

Lands of the inhabited localities / for construction of a tourist complex

Possibility of extension

not available

Fence availability (yes, no)

not available

Relief (smooth terrain, sloping, terraced, benched)


Soil type

Sandy soil of medium size and gravelly soils.


Ground water level, m


Frost line, m

3,2 m

The possibility of flooding during the floods


5. Site infrastructure:


Infrastructure is not currently available. The construction of water-and electricity supply system is carried out, the construction of sewerage system and heating is planned.


6. Communication on the site


For the period of 2016-2018 years, is planned the construction of internal asphalt roads and telecommunications networks.

7. Buildings and facilities on the site                                                         


8. Labor recources

Population in Nizhnyaya Ivolga village - 8790 people.

9. Assignment  terms of the site

Lease. Terms and conditions: timely payment, the intended use and performance of the obligations under the contract. Transfer of ownership in virtue of project realization of construction in accordance with the approved plan project.

10. Explanatory note, accompanied

The project realization is expected in the territory of ATC "Baikalskiy" in close proximity to the federal highway A-340 Ulan-Ude - Kyakhta, on a land of 11.8 hectares, which makes it possible to create a large tourist complex with a large number of provided services. The site is located in the second-line of cluster development. In this part of the auto-tourist cluster "Baikalskiy" is planned the creating of a number of hotels, campgrounds, cafes, restaurants, shopping and entertainment centers.

It is expected that the investor will enter into a lease agreement for the construction period and after the project realization will buy back this land, to which all the necessary infrastructure objects will be brought (water-, heating  and electricity supply system, canalization and telecommunications).