290 million. Rubles received for the development of clusters of tourism of Buryatia

The funds received by the republic on development of tourism in the framework of the federal target program, engineering infrastructure built.

In 2015, completed construction of the power lines of the tourism cluster "Podlemorye" Kabansky in the area carried out works on the first phase of reconstruction of the road Shergin-Oymur-district in Kabansky area built outdoor drainage network avtoturisticheskogo cluster "Baikal".
Recall, in 2012 launched the implementation of the 4 major cluster projects. In Kabansky area - "Podlemorye" with access to Lake Baikal, avtoturistichesky cluster "Baikal" in Ivolginsky area, historical and cultural cluster "Kyakhta" with its world-famous "Tea way" and the cluster "Tunka Valley", which includes the most famous trails in Arshan mineral springs.