At a meeting of the Council on improving the investment climate, agreements were signed on cooperation

They concerned the implementation of the five projects, the start of which will be given later this year.
The total value of the estimated investment of about 3 billion. Rubles. In the list, both foreign and domestic investors.
For example, the Beijing International Trade Company "Jin Bei Yuan" is ready to build in the village Vydrino Kabansky area production and logistics complex for the extraction and bottling of Baikal water depth. As the director of the trading company Ding Gang, in 2016, the production capacity could reach 500 thousand tons. Moreover, the Chinese side has assured that about 70% of the total number of employees of the plant will be recruited from the local residents.
Ready to expand production within the society "Desperado", specializing in the production of meat and meat products. The company plans to implement an investment project for the industrial production of marbled beef and dairy production in the Republic of Buryatia.
The two draft agreements which were signed during the Council's work at the head of Buryatia are tourist destinations.
It is worth noting that all of the proposed projects have already have researched business plan, taking into account cost-effectiveness and economic risks.

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