Buryatia and the Selenga aimak of Mongolia passed from agreements to full economic cooperation

Last week, a return visit of the Head of Buryatia Vyacheslav Nagovitsyna in Selenginsky Aimag of Mongolia. The rich program, apart from visiting the existing Mongolian industries, also entered the signing ceremony of agreements on mutual deliveries and cooperation between employers and manufacturers of Buryatia Mongolia.
The enhanced delegation included the heads of ministries and departments, heads of a number of regions of Buryatia and businessmen.
Even last year, when a delegation from Mongolia led by the governor of the Selenga aimak S. Burenbatom visited our republic signed an agreement on cooperation. Then, one of the main issues was the elimination of queues at the checkpoint at the Russian-Mongolian border town of Kyakhta, which began to appear after the opening of a visa-free regime.
"Together with the Governor of the Selenga aimak, we sat down at the negotiating table, identify the problem and ways to solve it. Today the problem is solved queues, border crossing point works round the clock, at times reduced the inspection and passport control, "- said the head of Buryatia.
The talks during the visit of the Head of Buryatia was to discuss an action plan for the implementation of the protocol on cooperation between the regions of the two countries in agriculture, industry and the humanitarian sphere.
"Over the past 20 years we have never stopped contacts at all levels, - noted in his speech Vyacheslav Nagovicyn before a ceremony of signing an action plan. - I am sure - our meeting will push for the expansion of cooperation between the republic and aimag in a variety of industries. Today we have seen that the Selenga aimak is one of the leading industrial regions of Mongolia. Dynamically developing agricultural industry, our border areas could be interested in joint projects in the economy, and tourism, and in the humanitarian sphere. "
On the same day he signed a number of treaties and agreements Mezhuyev business Buryatia and Mongolia. So industrial group "Titan" signed an agreement on the supply of Mongolian vegetables, and Federation of Beekeepers of Buryatia has agreed to supply to the Selenga aimak bee families.
The sides signed an agreement on deliveries and Mongolian meat. So "Dzhidinsky meat-packing plant" and LLC "Brawler" ready to accept Mongolian raw materials this year.
There is interest in purchasing in the Selenga aimak coal. Infrastructure for imports, investors are ready to build.
In the field of industrial organization planned deliveries of Buryatia in the Selenga aimak Felt and articles of "Naran", as well as products of "the Selenga Pulp and Paper Mill".
In the humanitarian sphere are planned activities for the exchange of experience between healthcare professionals, cooperation between public and children's organizations, joint cultural events and tours of creative collectives of Buryatia and the Selenga aimak. In addition, we plan to develop mutual social tourism, including rehabilitation of veterans and disabled people in sanatoriums in the territory of the Selenga aimak and the Republic of Buryatia.
"We have long ended political travel between Buryatia and Selenga aimak. Earlier this year, we met and signed a joint protocol on the settlement of many problems that arose at the checkpoint MAP-Kyakhta - Altan Bulag. And this protocol is now in the stage of execution. In two or three days after the signing of the protocol queue disappeared. Now we have moved to address issues of economic cooperation, and the first results will not keep you waiting, "- he said in conclusion, the head of Buryatia.

Translated by Google.com