Buryatia took part in the economic and investment forum "Altanbulag Expo - 2016"

Last weekend, a delegation of the republic told about the investment potential of Buryatia at a forum in Mongolia.

The forum was held on the territory of the free zone "Altanbulag" and raised more than 2tysyach investors, entrepreneurs, academics and government representatives.

Minister of Economy of Buryatia Zandra Sangadiev presented the logistics capabilities of the republic, the chairman of the Tourism Committee Bayarma Tsydypova spoke about the investment projects in the tourism sector, and the management of the Fund for Regional Development of the Republic held talks with potential investors and agreed on a number of business missions.

The forum agreed with the Director of Tourism Regulation Department of the Ministry of Environment, green development and tourism Mongolia Ms. Margad on the conclusion of the Memorandum on joint development of tourism in Mongolia and Buryatia. Under the Memorandum the parties will take joint measures to organize caravans, event management, and others.