Buryatia visited the Japanese businessmen

February 13 Minister of Economy of the Republic of Belarus Tatiana Dumnova met with the Japanese delegation - representatives of the largest steel corporation JFE Holdings and the Japanese National Corporation of Oil, Gas and Metals JOGMEC. The talks also attended by Minister of Natural Resources Yuri Safyanov and representatives of business circles of the republic.
The Japanese delegation plans to analyze the status of projects on extraction of coal in Siberia and the Far East for export to Asia-Pacific countries to establish JFE opportunities to expand purchases of Russian coal.
In recent years, after a strong earthquake and accident of NPP Fukushima-1 increases the import of stone angle from Russia to Japan, which is the most suitable method for the latter to diversify imports of raw materials due to the proximity of the two countries, the reliability and flexibility of supply. In the future, it is expected that exports of Russian coal will continue to grow.
Following the talks, both sides expressed mutual interest in the development of trade and economic cooperation.
FAQ: JFE Holdings - Japanese steel corporation that emerged in 2002. The core business - the production of steel, the company also operates in the field of construction, engineering, logistics, and in the chemical industry.
JFE Holdings is the fifth largest steel producer in the world with a turnover of more than three billion dollars.
Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation - JOGMEC was established in 2004 in order to ensure stable supply of oil, natural gas, non-ferrous metals and minerals to Japan. The company also oversees compliance with environmental requirements in the steel industry of Japan.
JOGMEC provides financial assistance to Japanese private mining, manufacturing and other companies in the oil and gas and metallurgical industries. The company also develops advanced technology and provides technical support to Japanese companies. JOGMEC collects, examines and provides data on global energy and natural resources.

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