Consultations with Deputy Prime Minister on Priority Development Areas and Investment Support in Buryatia

On Friday, February 1, Yuri Trutnev, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia and Presidential Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District, held consultations in Ulan-Ude on the establishment of Priority Development Areas (PDA) in Buryatia and the infrastructural support for investment projects in the region.


“I’d like to thank President of the Russian Federation for his decision to include Buryatia into the Far Eastern Federal District and for the massive and timely support that we are receiving today in connection with this change in our status”, Alexei Tsydenov, Head of the Republic of Buryatia, said in his opening remarks.

Regional authorities have done a lot to address the issues of integration of Buryatia into the Far Eastern Federal District including the opening of PDAs in the Republic. Today, the Republic has presented its projects earmarked as in need of support. 

“This is not the time to discuss, but use the opportunities and advantages”, Deputy Prime Minister said. “Today, we’ll review the capabilities for creating Priority Development Areas and providing infrastructural support for investment projects. In general, we are committed to make these decisions so that Priority Development Areas are created in Buryatia. There is much to support here. We just came back from the Aviation Plant, where they’re running a number of new projects. It always feels good to support those who develop the economy”, he added.

The application to create the PDA “Buryatia” was the first to be presented to Deputy Prime Minister. It has been already submitted to the Ministry for Development of the Russian Far East and the Corporation for Development of the Far East. There are plans to include three areas into this PDA — in the towns of Gusinoozersk, Selenginsk, and Naushki on the Mongolian border. 

Anchor projects include the construction of a greenhouse complex in Gusinoozersk (Gusinoozersk Greenhouse Complex, LLC) and a poultry farm in Selenginsk (Noyabrskprodservice, LLC), the opening of a customs and logistics facility in Naushki (TLK Naushki, LLC), and the launch of the triplex board production at the Selenginsk Pulp Mill. 

Four more investors declared their intention to put up their projects for selection in accordance with Order No. 1055 of the Government of Russia “On Methods of Selecting Investment Projects Planned to Be Implemented in the Far East and the Baikal Region”. Their projects can be recognized as priority projects and either receive funding from the Far Eastern Development Fund or become part of a state program and get non-monetary state support. 

JSC Tverdosplav is planning to develop the Holtoson and the Inkur tungsten deposits while Ozernoe, LLC — the Ozernoe led and zinc deposit. Buryatmyasprom, LLC, is planning to build and upgrade the Ulan-Ude Meat Plant. JSC Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant will put up for competition its project for upgrading and retooling its production facilities.

Other investment projects facilitating the development of economic growth centers were also presented to Yuri Trutnev. These projects include the development of the Nikolsk bituminous coal deposit (Tugnui Open Pit Mine), a processing facility to develop the Hiagda uranium deposit (JSC Hiagda), a Leroy Merlin home improvement store (Novolex Holding Company, LLC) and a new international terminal (Novaport Holding, LLC), advanced processing of the material from the Urda-Gargan quartzite deposit and the development of the Egita fluorite deposit (Druza, LLC), a ski resort at Mamai Mountain (Hrustalny, LLC), and the creation of the National Heliogeophysical Complex of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) by the Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics of the Siberian Branch of RAS. 

Altogether there are 31 investment projects planned for Buryatia’s economic growth centers with the total cost of about 350 billion rubles. Nineteen of them with the total cost of approximately 260 billion rubles are being currently implemented.

The consultations culminated with the signing of a concessionary agreement to create a Center of Nuclear Medicine between Buryatia’s Health Ministry and Ulan-Ude Nuclear Medicine Center, LLC.

Yuri Trutnev came on a working visit to Buryatia on January 31. He visited production facilities of one of the residents of the Republic’s Industrial Park — Oriental Way and the Aviation Plant and had a meeting on the plant’s investment projects.