China - the main trade and economic partner of Buryatia

Foreign trade turnover in 2014 between Buryatia and China amounted to more than 579 million US dollars

Trade and economic potential of the region was presented at the II Russian-Chinese Expo, there was a series of presentations and economic opportunities of the most promising regions of Russia. The exhibition was visited by more than two hundred thousand visitors.
Representing an investment potential of the country, the deputy chairman of the Economic Development of the Government of Alexander Chepik noted the benefits that accrue to a potential investor in the territory of Buryatia.

"We are ready to consider different options and forms of cooperation in various spheres of economy. To this end, we have set up a special organization to work with investors - the Regional Development Fund of the Republic of Buryatia. We create "green" corridor for investors ", - said Alexander Chepik.

Today, the republic is ready to offer to investors 56 investment projects with reference to land and fields with a total investment of over 232 billion. Rubles. Among them, the construction of logistics centers, agro-complexes, sports and recreational and tourist facilities, the development of deposits, as well as the construction of industrial and residential buildings.

As a result of the work at the Expo between the Government of the Republic and the Chinese company "Nikolai Land Port" signed two protocols of intent to the implementation of investment projects on the territory of Buryatia. One of these businessmen from "China" intend to build on the territory of Buryatia international logistics center. Approximate volume of investment in the project will amount to 7 billion rubles. The second investment project - the construction of an international tourist and entertainment center in the Special Economic Zone "Baikal Harbour" and "Bull Mountain". Approximate volume of investments in this project should reach 1 billion rubles. The projects will be located on the accompaniment from the Regional Development Fund of Buryatia.

Among other things, Alexander Chepik held talks with the deputy chairman of the People's Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China Fu Taytszenom on the development of trade and economic cooperation and Buryatia Autonomous Region. As a result of the protocol signed by the meeting, which addresses issues of creation of joint enterprises in Buryatia in the production and processing of agricultural products, the implementation of the international route "The Great Tea Road", as well as attracting investment in the construction of infrastructure facilities of SEZ TRT "Baikal harbor".

China is a major trade and economic partner of the Republic of Buryatia. Today, the Fund for Regional Development of the Republic is accompanied by a number of investment projects, initiated by the owners of the "Middle Kingdom." In particular, a project for the construction of production and logistics complex for the extraction and bottling of the Baikal deep water with. Vydrino Kabansky district, the construction of a housing complex in the district of "Azure" Ulan-Ude.