New forms of support and help ensure that departmental programs Buryatia own food

March 23, 2015 in Buryatia discussed the program of import substitution. Under the chairmanship of the Head of the republic Vyacheslav Nagovitsyn, members of the Government, industrialists and representatives of major retail companies have identified the primary problem and possible solutions on the issue of food security of the country.
"Today, we must answer the question of how the country will provide themselves with their own agricultural products and industrial production, and to consider as a whole as in Buryatia organized work on import substitution," - he said in his opening speech head of the republic.
One of the priority task is to ensure the population of Buryatia local food products. And if today the share of imported products is still high, by 2020 it should be reduced to an average of 5-8%. All the prerequisites for that.
So in 2014, a breakthrough was made in the production of meat - output rose by 10%. Moreover Republic has 100% self-sufficient in potatoes. 36% - eggs, fish, from 60 to 80% of milk and vegetables.
In this perspective, for example, in the meat industry in the face. Today, the entire productive capacity by 40%, only for certain categories of product by 90%. Here, the main focus will be on the production of beef and by 2016 population will increase to an estimated 5,000 animals. Also, the development of the sector will contribute two major projects: OOO "Ptitseprom" in Kabansky area and feeding the base of "Desperado" in Kyakhtinsky area. Livestock and help develop the new slaughterhouse. Today, there are 26 in the country, at least another five to be opened this year.
"All the money that are in the departmental target program of development of cattle including a subroutine slaughterhouses saved and registered under every penny painted investor", - said Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Chepik.
Also in the republic will be established 4 greenhouse complex. Their construction is allocated to state support of 20% of direct costs.
In parallel, will be offset by the cost of plowing fallow land. Farmers can count on 1000 rubles for each hectare of tilled land.
"In a crisis, one person public sector has to work for two, and freed by optimizing the money should be directed to support the real sector of the economy, including the village", - said Vyacheslav Nagovitsyn.

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