The Baikal harbor built more than 40 objects of engineering infrastructure

Residents have started construction and assembly work of tourist facilities in the area, "the Turk." Activation of other investors is expected within the agreements.
"Everything that concerns the infrastructure built in Turku. Now a word for the investors. I am convinced that they will be built. Business does not stop, the money they need to invest. If you can sell your product or service they are using, "- said the head of Buryatia Vyacheslav Nagovicyn at a press conference on March 23.
  Head of the republic also said that in 2015, experts predict the arrival of the republic million tourists. He also recalled the measures taken by the republic to attract tourists. "This year will begin construction of a new air strip. This will accept any court. If the conditions will be created to increase the flow from China. Reconstruction of the road to Lake Baikal will flow sleeper. "At the same time, Vyacheslav Nagovicyn acknowledged shortage of hospital beds in the country:" We are well aware that our number of beds is not enough even to maintain this flow. Travel Industry need to use this opportunity to build hotels. "
Today on the site "Turk" completed construction of engineering infrastructure: built and put into operation more than 30 engineering infrastructure, as well as a fire station, transfer station, bank protection structures, the construction of berthing facilities and a lighthouse. In p. Turk built GP surgery with casualty department, the construction of leisure and educational center. Residents LLC "Baikal-Invest" and LLC "Siberia-Capital" continued construction of tourist facilities. The rest are the design work.
  On the site "Sands" built and put into operation 10 objects of engineering infrastructure as well as water intake facilities, construction of internal networks running water.
On the site, "Bull Mountain" built access road, completed the design of the access road to the technological entry area. Completed development works on a site for facilities, construction of which will be funded by the federal budget, is currently under a state examination. In the section "Goryachinsk" and "Nameless Cove" developed the concept of the site, defined anchor residents.
Another draft list of engineering infrastructure TRZ «Baikal harbor" for 2015-2020 years. directed by the Government of the Republic of Belarus in the Russian Ministry of Economic Development for approval and signing.

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