In Buryatia for the organization slaughterhouses are looking for investors

At a meeting of anti-epizootic committee deputy chairman of the Government of the Republic for Economic Development Alexander Chepik instructed the heads of the municipal administrations of the republic to study the issue of the construction of slaughterhouses and shops.
To date, 26 enterprises in the industrial processing of cattle are in the 13 districts of the republic. Questions procurement and primary processing of livestock is not resolved in a suburban area: Ivolginsky, Tarbagatai, Baikal regions, as well as in remote areas: Tunkinsky, Bauntovsky, North Baikal and Muya.
However, the prospects of slaughtering say the numbers: in 2014 compared with the previous purchase of animals for slaughter and meat production in slaughter weight in the country increased by almost three times. In the same Tunkinsky region, according to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic, the organization will provide further slaughterhouse meat and offal to 1 thousand tons. In the meantime, part of the live weight of cattle exported from the country here in the Irkutsk region. Modern slaughterhouses with a comprehensive recycling needs in the suburban area. Investment areas, local authorities have identified s.Taphar where there is a convenient logistics. Currently, the search is conducted investors. To attract them Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Development of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Chepik instructed to connect to the Fund for Regional Development.
An additional incentive for potential entrepreneurs may be government support. Thus, under the national program companies subsidized 30% of the technological equipment for the newly established slaughterhouses in the amount of 2.64 million. Rubles. For the development of raw material base of the recoverable costs of acquiring young cattle meat breeds of $ 20.3 million. Rubles.
Recall that the slaughter of producing animals must be carried out in compliance with veterinary and sanitary requirements in accordance with the technical regulations of the Customs Union.