In Buryatia will begin to grow new soybean varieties with special technology. On the supply of seeds and providing technology in growing climates of Siberia agreed by representatives of the Republic of Buryatia Regional Development Fund with the company «Progrein» from Voronezh to Vladivostok last investment forum "Agro-2016. Far East and Siberia. " In the next few days in the area of local entrepreneur Kabansky be planted 1 hectare of prototypes for the development of the technology of cultivation and selection of seeds. While soy is sown in an experimental mode. In the future, after testing the technology, it is planned to increase the sowing areas.

Anatoly Dumnov, CEO of the Regional Development Fund of the Republic of Buryatia: "When entering the large volumes of crop soybeans will be used in the preparation of feed for cattle, pigs and other farm animals. The use of soy in feed improves the productivity of animals: cattle increases milk yield and weight gain. In addition to use as a forage crop, soy can be used to produce soybean oil, which are the main buyer China and South Korea".

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