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Transport and logistics complex

The demand for the creation of logistics centers in the Republic of Buryatia based opportunity to use transit-transport potential of the republic in a stable growth of trade and cargo between Russia and China, countries in the Asia-Pacific region.


Factors of freight transport corridor Ulan-Ude - Kyahta - Ulan Bator - Beijing:

- Construction and reconstruction of roads Zamyn Uud - Ulan Bator - Altan Bulak, the movement by which opens in 2015

- Expanding the automotive transition Zamyn Uud from Mongolia on the border with China;

- Reconstruction of the MAPP "Kyahta", which will increase the capacity of transition to 1200 vehicles per day. Deadline for completion in 2015;

- Reconstruction and widening of the road Ulan-Ude - Kyahta. Dates for 2012-2015,.



Use of the international transport corridor for transportation of goods through Buryatia on the route "Ulan-Ude - Kyahta - Ulan Bator - Beijing" can reduce the delivery time to 23 days.




Beijing - Ulan Bator - Ulan-Ude - Moscow

9500 km

12 days


Of 11 000 km

14 days

The Northern Sea Route

Of 13 500 km

35 days

Southern Sea Route

20,700 km

49 days

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