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Tourist and recreational complex

As the infrastructure in Buryatia becomes the center of attraction of tourists. The number of tourist arrivals in the republic increased annually and will be in 2020 to 2 million. Tourists a year.

On the territory of Buryatia is the world's largest lake Baikal, which has 25% of the world's fresh water of the planet of the highest quality! Water surface area of the lake is 31,500 square kilometers. Its maximum depth - 1637 meters.

Lake Baikal and the Baikal natural territory have a special status enshrined not only federal but also at the global level - a World Natural Heritage site by UNESCO. Unique in its diversity of Baikal world opens up broad prospects for development of all types of tourism: ecological, sightseeing and recreation.

Buryatia pass through international tourist routes based on the historical and cultural heritage of Russia, Mongolia, China: "The Great Tea Road", "Eastern Ring", "Trans-Siberian Express", "Baikal Hovsgol."

Major contribution to the development of tourism brings special economic zone "Baikal harbor". Implementation of the project to build the SEZ in the Republic of Buryatia, involves the construction of a world-class all-season resort with a highly developed infrastructure, the largest ski resort in eastern Russia, the largest center SPA-therapy and Tibetan medicine. The territory of the special economic zone can be used for international festivals and conferences.

Overall, in the tourist area of the Republic of Buryatia offers 30 investment sites. They may implement a wide range of projects in the creation of tourist, recreational, entertainment, business and roadside infrastructure.

Free area formed within the boundaries of the special economic zone "Baikal harbor", the four tourist clusters, five regional zones of economic preference, as well as in the capital of Buryatia - Ulan-Ude. They have a high growth potential and are the most promising tourist areas, covering the most popular recreational resources.

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