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Alex Tsydenov: will create a business in Buryatia super comfortable conditions


The Government of Buryatia will be created to support the service at the federal and regional business, said Alexei Tsydenov.

Acting Head of the Republic of Buryatia - Buryatia Republic Prime Minister, in an interview to television channel "Russia 24" responded to a question about plans to support entrepreneurship in the country. "Business support - this is one of the goals I set myself and the team, which will work. Because the business - that's it. It is jobs, this tax is income of the population. Development of the business as a whole forms the economy of the region ", - he said.

Acting the Head of the Republic of Belarus, he said: "I intend to create the conditions for businesses, which should be not just comfortable, and super comfortable."

Alex Tsydenov said that the Government of Belarus to create a separate business support service, in which employees will have a single task and duty - the lobbying of business interests in regional and federal structures. "They should meet investor, new or existing, understand his problems and help to pass all the stages of approvals, if any, to address other issues," - he stressed. For example, if the investor is necessary to allocate land, to issue a building permit, and so on - the paperwork will take over the service.

Acting chief also said that already reached an agreement with the leadership of the Savings Bank to hold videoconferences with large and small businesses Buryatia, including the regions of the republic. Sberbank will introduce entrepreneurs to their business support programs, credit programs and services that the entrepreneurs of the Republic is not in use, because they do not know about them.

"I plan to create the most favorable conditions for business development in Buryatia", reiterated Alex Tsydenov. "I plan to in the near future to meet with entrepreneurs and conduct meetings on a regular basis, that there was a direct dialogue, exchange of questions and problems, to make investments into the country as attractive to existing and emerging business felt very comfortable on the territory of Buryatia", - he said he.

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