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On the economic potential of Buryatia will tell Japanese entrepreneurs


The Regional Development Fund of the Republic of Buryatia held a meeting with representatives of the Japanese Association Rotobo with the participation of national entrepreneurs.

Rotobo Association unites more than 200 different manufacturers. Among the members of the association include such trading companies as Sumitomo; known in Buryatia company Mitsui, which is an investor in the timber industry of the republic; manufacturers of Japanese cars Honda and Toyota; Sony consumer electronics makers, Hitachi; medium and small enterprises of Japan; various regional organizations.

As noted by representatives of the Association, their main goal - to assist in the establishment of economic, investment and business relations between Japan, Russia and the CIS countries.

Daisuke Saito, Deputy General Director Rotobo Association: "Our objective is to attract business for the development of business in Russia. Provide information for those entrepreneurs who are already working on the territory of Russia, as well as those companies that are planning to invest in Russian projects. "

In addition, the establishment of business relations Rotobo Association prepares and publishes business guide, which houses all the economic information relating to business on the territory of Russia, as well as organizing exhibitions and bilateral business missions between Japan and Russia. In March 2017 it is planned to release a business guide, dedicated to the Baikal region.

During the meeting the parties discussed the possible prospects of bilateral cooperation in various fields. Particular attention was paid to the restoration of business relations in the field of forest products and the possible use of Japanese developments in the construction of sewage treatment plants.

Daisuke Saito, Deputy General Director Rotobo Association: "Today Baikal is one of the leading themes of environmental protection policies. We know that there is a problem and not just our company have various technologies that could be used in the protection of Lake Baikal, including the wastewater treatment plant. "

And discussed issues relating to the implementation of various investment projects in the Republic of Buryatia, the participation of the Japanese businessmen as co-investors of the projects implemented by Republican businessmen.

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