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Rosturizm Buryatia included in the list of leaders in the implementation of the federal target program of tourism development


Rating results were announced at the XVI session of the Coordinating Council of the federal target program "Development of domestic tourism in Russia."

"The most successful subjects of the RF in terms of development of capital investments in the eleven months of this year due to all sources of financing of the program are the Republic of Buryatia (TRC" Podlemorye ") Ryazan region (TRC" Ryazan "), Tver region (TRC" Upper Volga ") and Kemerovo region (TRC "Sheregesh") ", - said the head of the Federal Tourism Agency Oleg Safonov.

Low levels of capital investment demonstrated the Kaliningrad region, the Chuvash Republic, Stavropol Territory and the Republic of Karelia, the press service of the Russian Federal Agency for Tourism.

The Minister Oleg Safonov reported that for January-November 2016 in the direction of "capital investments" from the federal budget disbursed almost 2.25 billion rubles, which is 62% of the annual capital expenditure limits at the expected rate of 73.4% in the of the year.

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